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Urinetown The Musical
*Jeff Recommended*

Cast List:

Officer Lockstock - Kyle Quinlivan

Little Sally - Korinne Yonan
Bobby Strong - Jimmy Hogan
Hope Cladwell - Stephanie Boyd
Caldwell B. Cladwell - Tony Calkins
Penelope Pennywise - Taylor Dalton
Officer Barrel/Ensemble  - Will Knox
Senator Fipp - Billy Surges
McQueen/Ensemble  - David Blakeman
Hot Blades Harry/Ensemble - Alex Iacobucci
Little Becky Two Shoes/Ensemble  - Amanda Donohoe
Soupy Sue/Ensemble  - Madison Meeron
Tiny Tom/Ensemble  - Cory McMenomy
Billy Boy Bill/Ensemble/Male Understudy  - Andrew John Baker
Robby the Stockfish/Ensemble  - Jennifer Lenius
Joseph ‘Old Man’ Strong/Ensemble  - Emily Lewis
Dr. Billeaux/Ensemble - Julie Good
Ms. Millenium/Ensemble  - Connor Crumley
Josephine ‘ Old Ma’ Strong/Ensemble - Annie Beaubien 



Director - Billy Surges

Asst. Director/Choreo - Tim Huggenberger

Music Director - Daven Taba

Stage Manager/Tech Operator/Sound - Joey Calumet

Tech Ops - Katherine Abel and Philip Platakis
Lighting - Will Knox 

Set - Andrew John Baker

Costumes - Vicki Jablonski and Korinne Yonan

A terrible water shortage has crippled the Gotham-like town that serves as the setting for Urinetown. In a mad attempt to regulate water consumption, the government has outlawed the use of private toilets. The citizenry must use public, pay-for-use amenities owned and operated by the corrupt and iron-fisted Caldwell B. Cladwell. The privilege to pee is expensive, draining and dangerous. Anyone who refuses to pay to pee is immediately and without question hauled off to Urinetown. What is Urinetown? Nobody knows, for those who are sent there are never heard from again. But it's really a love story... and there's a revolution!  

August 5th - 28th 2022
The Edge Off Broadway

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