About Us

Officially founded in 2014, Surging Films & Theatrics is an independent theatre and film company that focuses on stage plays, musicals, video projects and photography. Our team, led by Billy Surges, is dedicated to serving our three popular clientele - Artists, Audience, and Entrepreneurs. 


As a non-union performing arts company here in Chicago, we consider ourselves a bridge between Community and Equity theatre and a quality, yet affordable, option for video services.

We are here to help take your business, art, or imagination from creative ground zero to something professional, memorable, and entertaining.


Our film sets and stage productions are inclusive and we pride ourselves on a positive working environment so creativity can perform at a high level. 


If you like what you see and are interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to contact us with your requests.  We look forward to working with you on your next endeavor and providing quality entertainment to our Chicago audiences!

Our goal as a theater company is to take popular titles and reimagine them in smaller settings, allowing us to focus on creating the storytelling aspects in new and refreshing ways.  Taking a show that may not have translated well on Broadway and stripping it down to a bare bones, more accessible option for audiences to take in.

We hope you can join us in any capacity!


Meet The Company


Billy Surges - Owner and Artistic Director since 2014
Favorite Roles: Mark in RENT (Introspect), Sweeney in Sweeney Todd (Art Spot), 
Farnsworth in The Farnsworth Invention (SF&T)
Favorite Directing Credits: The Pillowman (SF&T), American Idiot (SF&T), and Tracers (SF&T)

Billy has worked in film and theatre since 2011, directing at various companies across the Chicagoland area as well as working crew and performing on large film sets like Divergent and doubling for Zac Efron.  He enjoys coaching sports at the local high schools, snowboarding, and vacationing with his parents.

Daven Taba - Music Director & Company Member since 2017
Main SF&T Credits:
 Tunny in American Idiot, Bernstein in Dogfight, 
Dr. Madden (u.s) in Next to Normal,
Music Director for Dogfight, Heathers, Spongebob, Addams Family, Shrek  


Tim Huggenberger - Choreographer & Company Member since 2019
Main SF&T Credits:
 Ram in Heathers,  Henry in Next to Normal, 
Ensemble in The Farnsworth Invention and Dogfight
Choreographer for Heathers, Spongebob 

Katie Meyers - Associate Producer & Company Member since 2014
Main SF&T Credits: Wendla
 in Spring Awakening,  Sandra Bloom in Big Fish, Fiona in Shrek,  Rose in Dogfight, Diana in Next to Normal, Schwartzy in Spelling Bee, Emily in The Sparrow

Gabi Knoepfle - Stage Manager & Company Member since 2014
Main SF&T Credits: Natalie in
Next to Normal, Wednesday in The Addams Family,  Jenny Hill in Big Fish, 
Marcy in Dogfight, Karen in Spongebob, Penny in Hairspray,  Ensemble in Spring Awakening & American Idiot

Tony Calkins - Assistant Director & Company Member since 2015
Main SF&T Credits:
Edna in Hairspray,  J.D.  in Heathers, Amos in Big Fish, 
Gomez in Addams Family, Little John in Tracers, Shrek in Shrek
Directing credits: The Farnsworth Invention, Game of Tiaras, Dogfight, The Cripple of Inishmaan

Seth Harman - Associate Producer & Company Member since 2015
Main SF&T Credits:
Tupolski in Pillowman, Chip in Spelling Bee, Will Bloom in Big Fish, Dan in Next to Normal 
Leopold in Never the Sinner, David Sarnoff in The Farnsworth Invention The Professor in Tracers

Jennifer Lenius - Company Member since 2014
Main SF&T Credits:
Virginia in Decision Height, Agnes in The Farnsworth Invention, Cinderella in Game of Tiaras, 
Ensemble in
 The 39 Steps, Hairspray, Heathers, Shrek, The Addams Family

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 3.21.15 PM.png

Stephanie Boyd - Company Member since 2019
Main SF&T Credits:
Lizette in The Farnsworth Invention, Ms. Fleming in Heathers, 
Music Director for Next to Normal, Ensemble in Spongebob


Eric Wang - Company Member since 2017
Main SF&T Credits:
Johnnypateenmike in The Cripple of Inishmaan, Ensemble in Never the Sinner,
The Farnsworth Invention, Spongebob, various film roles


Jake Lange - Company Member since 2015
Main SF&T Credits:
 Edward Bloom in Big FishLord Farquaad in Shrek, Birdlace in Dogfight,  
Wilbur in Hairspray, Darrow in Never the Sinner, Cliff
 in The Farnsworth Invention


Michael Calkins - Tech & Company Member since 2016
Main SF&T Credits:
 Pugsley in The Addams Family,  Director for Game of Tiaras, Ensemble in Heathers & Shrek


Jim Kane - Company Member since 2019
Main SF&T Credits:
 Spongebob Squarepants in The Spongebob MusicalGabe in Next to Normal, Ensemble in Dogfight


Drew Jenkins - Company Member since 2020
Main SF&T Credits:
 Plankton in The Spongebob MusicalDr. Madden in Next to Normal


Michael Consalvo - Set Construction, Tech, & Company Member since 2016


Will Knox - Lighting Assistant & Company Member since 2021

Joey Calumet - Music/Sound & Company Member since 2021