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Heathers the Musical


Veronica - Carter Rose Sherman

Heather Chandler - Niki Charisse Franco

Heather Duke - Emily Lewis

Heather McNamara - Maddie Mazzella

J.D. - Tony Calkins

Ram - Tim Huggenberger

Kurt - Kyle Quinlivan

Martha - Julie Good

Ms. Fleming/Veronica's Mom - Stephanie Boyd

Big Bud - Billy Surges



Jennifer Lenius
Sara Zgonina
Amanda Zgonina

Andy DeLeon
Michael Calkins

Jarod Battisto

Jimmy Hogan

Directed by

Billy Surges


Tim Huggenberger

Music Direction

Daven Taba

Piano - Joey Calumet

Guitar - Dave Wolak

Drums - Tyler Brodeur

Keys - Daven Taba

Stage Manager - Gabi Knoepfle

Lighting and Costumes - Billy Surges

Set and Sound - Michael Consalvo


The original "Mean Girls" musical...80s style.  Heathers was a cult classic film and now they have turned it into a dark comedy rock musical.  A little edgy, a little dark, a lotta fun. 

August 27th - Sept 12th 2021
The Edge Theater

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