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A New Musical


ROSE - Katie Meyers

BIRDLACE - Jake Lange

BOLAND - Billy Surges

BERNSTEIN - Daven Taba

MARCY - Gabi Knoepfle

MAMA - Jordan Roulo

RUTH TWO BEARS - Niki-Charisse Franco

LOUNGE SINGER - Brian Warner

PETE/SARGE - Thom Lange

FECTOR -  Tim Huggenberger

STEVENS - Ryan Milord

BIG TONY - Jim Kane


Tony Calkins
Sara Zgonina
Amanda Zgonina

Amanda Brommel

Marc James

Directed by

Billy Surges

Tony Calkins

Music Direction

Daven Taba

Piano - Karl Rodriguez

Synth - Alberto Vargas Jr.

Drums/Guitar - Tyler Brodeur

Violin - Jenny Hale

Stage Manager - Gabi Knoepfle

Lighting and Costumes - Billy Surges

Set - Thom Lange

Sound - Michael Consalvo


In 1967, Eddie Birdlace returns from the Vietnam War. He is going back to San Francisco, where he spent his last night in the United States before shipping out. His memories of that night flood back: It is November 21, 1963, and Eddie and his best friends Boland and Bernstein (The Three Bees) decide to spend their last night before deployment in a “dogfight”: who can find the ugliest girl in town 

August 8th - 11th 2019
The Edge Theater

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