Surging Films & Theatrics

conceived by John DiFusco


Drill Srgt.                Patrick McGrath

Scooter                          Ryan Milord

Doc                                  Seth Lilley

Professor                  Seth E. Harman

Dinky Dau                      Billy Surges 

Little John                      Tony Calkins

Habu                              Andrew Eady

Baby San                      John Tervanis



A composite or collage of interrelated scenes, the play follows the lives of a group of "grunts" as they move from basic training, on to combat in Vietnam, and finally to the shattering realization that their lives will be forever affected by the horrors that they have witnessed—and been a part of. Dealing with the grim realities of the battlefield—free-fire zones, trip wires, drugs, body bags, rat infested bunkers and the ever-present stench of death—the men become increasingly isolated from the "outside world" and from a society that finds honor in such mindless violence and destruction. Ultimately the play, through its gut-wrenching verisimilitude, becomes a moving and eloquent plea for sanity and forbearance, as it assails our minds and hearts with the grim message of what can happen when conscience is overruled by experience, and clear reason by a warped sense of national purpose.   ​Written by the original cast Vincent Caristi, Richard Chaves, John DiFusco, Eric E. Emerson, Rick Gallavan, Merlin Marston and Harry Stephens with Sheldon Lettich.                   

Directed by Billy Surges and Katie Meyers

Tracers - May 2016