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Chicago. 1924. Leopold and Loeb's murder of Bobby Franks was deemed "The Crime of the Century" by reporters...but was it? What demons lurked inside these boys' lives?  Was America's youth headed in the wrong direction? Is it still today?   Relive the crime as it plays out in flashback while the boys face trial with two legal heavyweights; Clarence Darrow and Robert Crowe.  A dark drama that puts emphasis on psycho analysis, love/lust/power, and America's obsession with crime stories.

Directed by Seth Lilley                                

Never the Sinner - May 2018

Leopold                           Seth E. Harman
Loeb                                     Billy Surges
Darrow                                    Jake Lange
Crowe                                    Ryan Milord
Germaine                           Amanda Philio
Ensemble                              Tony Calkins
                                         Bobby Duncalf
                                    Coco Kasperowicz
                                             Julia Namm
                                              Eric Wang

by John Logan