by Don Zolidis

Game of Tiaras - June 2019

Surging Films & Theatrics

Narrator 1                           Bobby Duncalf
Narrator 2                     Tim Huggenberger
Snow White                        Amanda Philio
Cinderella                          Jennifer Lenius
Belle                                       Emily Lewis
Snow Queen                           Katie Zutter
Little Mermaid                 Rebecca Sparks
Pocahantas             Stephanie Fongheiser
Merida                                  Katie Nelson
Princess Leia                       Juliana Liscio
King                                     Rocco Renda
Smeagol                                Marc James
Prince Charming                  Daniel Hurst
French Prince                          John Drea
Ensemble                       Michael Calkins
                                           Tony Calkins
                                             Jake Lange
                                            Billy Surges

When the aging king of a Magical Kingdom (England) decides to split his empire between his three daughters, Cinderella, Belle, and the Snow Queen (who in no way resembles a copyrighted character), terrible tragedy ensues. Terrible, hilarious tragedy. Combining the gut-wrenching plot twists of Game of Thrones and the soul-numbing despair of Shakespearean tragedy, this adaptation of King Lear will leave you dying with laughter as the body count mounts. When you play the Game of Tiaras, you win or you die.

Directed by Billy Surges and The Calkins Brothers                                  Photos by: