by Ed Monk

The Soldier               J.P. Salazar
Caitlyn           Danielle Swanson

Major Harris     Katie Long-Piper
Lieutenant      Claire LaJeunesse
Captain Gruss         Katie Meyers
Corporal                   Becca Heitz
Taylor                        Anna Novak
Cathy                       Jordan Piper
Sister Anne               Anna Novak
Mark                   Vince Tolentino
Professor                 Casey Novak
Abby            Shannon M. Williams
D.I.                            Steve Pavlik


Booby Trap - June 2014

In the near future, an American soldier sits in a combat zone, trapped by a land mine.
As he waits to see what will happen to him, scenes from his past, present, and future unfold around him.

Directed by Billy Surges                       

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